E&Q Introduction
Company Introduction
Company Introduction
01  E&Q One-Touch, Specialising in a One-Touch Grinder
E&Q One-Touch is a combination of Easy & Quick, which signifies easy-to-use, quick, and convenient product, and One-Touch meaning simple operation with a single touch.

E&Q One-Touch is a small but technology-oriented company based on proprietary and patented technologies, specialising in grinders and manufacturing/marketing the world’s best one-touch grinders along with related consumables.

02  “Click!!! The miracle of 5 seconds”,
       Innovative Products and Technologies for Industrial Grinders
The coupler developed by E&Q One-Touch can be easily applied to any grinder in use.
The coupler allows the user to install or remove abrasives in only 5 seconds with a single touch even if it’s the first time for him or her to use a hand grinder. Previously the replacement work required a wrench or spanner but, with our innovative product, you don’t need any tool for the job.

Save Time Previously Wasted for ‘Loosening or Tightening Up’

In the past, work on a ladder or scaffold was often interrupted by the need to replace abrasives in a safer place. Now ‘in only 5 seconds’, however, you can improve productivity and work efficiency as well as protect workers from musculoskeletal disorders by significant innovation brought by E&Q One-Touch to the grinder market.
Address : 3072, 3rd fl., Jinjangyutong-ro 16, Buk-gu, Ulsan Metropolitan City (Jinjang-diplex, Jinjang-dong)
Representative Director : Chang-Seong Kim    Company Registration Number : 216-88-00165    TEL : +82-52-283-4692    FAX : +82-52-283-4693
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